We provide you with various courses in different Islamic aspects that will be your guide in life Insha’Allah

Interesting Techniques

Our teaching techniques seek to achieve entertainment & knowledge as we use visual games and digital charts to make it easier for students to grasp new topics.


Our instructors are highly qualified from Al-Azhar university with Ijazah in Quran and Tajweed

Online Group Sessions

Our sessions are held online so you can learn in your place and at your own pace Insha’Allah.

Qur'an Tajweed Course

Dive into the world of Tajweed and learn all Tajweed rules in an intensive way to recite as best as you can

Norania and Qaida Course

You want to speak Arabic fluently but you a quick boost? Noorania Qaida is the best course for you to give you a very basic understanding of Arabic and apply it in Qur'an.

Qur'an Memorization Course

Memorize and understand Qur'an with the correct pronunciation and the correct Tajweed.

Isalmic Studies

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Qur'an Recitation Course

Learn how to recite Qur'an correctly and efficiently and apply all Tajweed rules to recite Qur'an like Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) recited..

Standard Arabic Course

Learn and Practice Arabic with Arabic specialists from Egypt

Qur'an for Kids Course

Best start for your kid to learn about Qur'an and take his first steps in memorizing bit by bit.

Qur'an Memorization Ijazah Course

Memorize Holy Qur'an from start to finish with basic Tajweed rules and Tafseer

Are you interested in learning Arabic or the Quran?

If so, then our free trial is the perfect way to get started. Our course is comprehensive and easy to follow, and it will teach you everything you need to know, from the basics of Arabic grammar and vocabulary to the deeper meanings of the Quran.