Norania and Qaida Course

Noorani Qaida is compiled by Sheikh Noor Muhammed Haqqani from India and It’s a widely used textbook in most of Islamic schools and institutes. It is basically designed for teaching non-Arabic students, especially kids, the Quranic Arabic. It helps them to read Arabic fluently and recite Holy Quran correctly with a proper pronunciation of letters. It covers the basic Quranic phonetics, grammar, etc.

  • +4 years old.

Learning Objectives:

The first step in learning how to read the Quran is to decipher, recognize and mix up its alphabet, the Arabic Alphabet.

This comprehensive course contains all the important lessons for the correct reading of Quran. The Noorani Qaida course begins with the Arabic alphabet and gradually leads students from individual letters to joined letters, Arabic words, phrases, and Tajweed rules. This course teaches you:

  • The Arabic alphabet and its correct pronunciation.

  • Location of letters

  • Linking letters

  • Short Vowels (Harakat)

  • Long Vowels (Huroof Al-Mad)

  • Sukoon

  • Tanween

  • Letters by Leen

  • Sakinah & Tanween Noon Rule

  • Raa Rule

  • Laam Rule

  • Noon Qutni

  • Waqf (the due pause and stop)


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize and pronounce every letter of the Arabic alphabets.

  • Mix the Arabic alphabets to form meaningful words.

  • Learn basic Tajweed needed to recite Qur’an correctly.  

They will also be ready to start Tajweed and recitation courses.

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