Qur’an Tajweed Course



When reciting the Book of Allah, Tajweed is what you need when you read, not to miss or mistake anything! For example, studying Makhraj and Sifaat, the articulation-points and attributes, of each letter is an essential part of Tajweed, as well as the mistakes one can make during Qur’an recitation. Moreover, Tajweed rules are there for us to enhance our way of recitation as Tajweed means enhancement.


As we know, A’isha reported Allah’s Messenger saying, One who is skilled in the Qur’an is associated with the noble, upright recording angels; and he who falters (unintendedly) when reciting the Qur’ān and finds it difficult for him will have a double reward.” (Bukhari and Muslim)


In your journey to learn Tajweed, set your intention devotedly for Allah’s sake, and always remember this Hadith: “And whoever follows a path to seek knowledge therein, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise


Students should be:

  • +7 years old.

  • Comfortable with Quran recitation.

  • Arabic language basics

Learning Objectives:

In this course, you learn:

  • Why learning Tajweed is crucial for every Muslim.

  • The proper articulation and attributes of every Arabic letter.

  • The common Tajweed mistakes, the explicit and implicit, during reciting Qur’an

  • The explaining signs in Qur’an to prolong, pause, and stress some letters.

  • New Tajweed rules in interactive method and apply them to enhance their way of recitation.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • To comprehend the Tajweed rules, generally and specifically.

  • To recognize the proper Qur’an recitation and the mistaken one.

  • To know the Tajweed signs in Mus-haf, and how to follow them right, like whether to pause reciting or to continue, whether to stress a letter, or not.

  • To articulate every letter duly, considering its own attributes.

  • To recite Qur’an skillfully and flawlessly, Insha’Allah.

Your Instructor

Our instructors have got Tajweed Ijazah from Al-Azhar university. They also well trained on online teaching for English speaking students. Moreover, They have previous experience with online teaching and they are able to give you Ijazah in Tajweed.