Frequently asked questions


  • Visit Free Trial page at Trial Page

  • Fill in your name, Email, and WhatsApp Number.

  • Choose your preferred course.

  • Optionally, you can leave a message for the institute.

Finally, Click Send and we will be contacting you via WhatsApp or Mail to determine the first trial date and time Insha’Allah.


Yes, we have a curriculum for each course such Al-Arabiyah Bin Yadayk for Arabic language.


Mainly, the institute contact is on WhatsApp because its easier for students and parents, but you can also contact us via mail. You can find all those contacts in Contact Us page.


Instructors & Sessions

  • You will have two trials with two different instructors, then you will choose which one to go on with.


The session duration is 30 mins by default, but you can customize you session duration as you please.


Yes, before each session, we send you a gentle reminder for the session.


After you book your course, we will send you the teachers zoom invitation link which you will take your sessions through.

Yes, you can cancel your session with an excuse 3 hours before the session debut.


He session will be cancelled for you, and you will have a make-up session at the time that you choose.


Yes, you would be getting monthly feedback about your level and recommendations about how to get even better.



  • Yes, it’s possible but you can only have it through us, otherwise, it’s against our policy.


Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend taking many courses simultaneously because this confuses some students.


You will be getting a WhatsApp message at the end of each course with a PayPal link to pay for your course. You also need to send a snapshot of your payment for verification.


Are you interested in learning Arabic or the Quran?

If so, then our free trial is the perfect way to get started. Our course is comprehensive and easy to follow, and it will teach you everything you need to know, from the basics of Arabic grammar and vocabulary to the deeper meanings of the Quran.