What students says about us

“My name is Adam , I am 11 years old .I live in London. I am one of sheikh Hamada students for around one year now . he always makes a positive impact on their lives. He is always on time and never cancels a lesson even if he was sick . He is such a kind, patient, helpful , responsible and creativity teacher. “



“I’ve had the privilege of learning the Quran from an exceptional teacher, Ustaz Hamada, and I can’t express how grateful I am for the experience. This academy possesses a profound knowledge of the Quran and Islamic teachings, and their dedication to imparting this knowledge is truly inspiring.”


- Ameer Koyas

“My Quran teacher, Ustaz Hamada, has been the best teacher I’ve ever had! He is very friendly, understanding, passionate, and cares about our learning. He has taught me the proper rules of tajweed: Izhar, Iqlaab, Idghaam, and Ikhfaa. Additionally, I’ve had an easier time reciting Quran since I started at Azan Al-Quran Alhamdulilah”


- Humza Sheikh

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